It’s been awhile since I’ve written so I thought share what’s been going on. The usual drama with my ex texting me about once a week has continued. As usual I haven’t been answering that is until yesterday. Long story. I’ll circle back around to that.

Let’s jump back to last week. I decide that I’ve waited long enough, I’m not going to get any more of my stuff back from my ex. He just ignores me everytime I ask. So I contact me lawyer last Monday to send him the official agreement of what money I’m owed for my share of our house. She says that she’s swamped as she just got back from vacation so she’ll try to get it out by the end of the week. It’s been almost two weeks and it still isn’t sent out.

Now this on its own is driving me crazy because everyone I know is worried that he will go off the deep end when he gets the agreement and everyone thinks I should go into hiding when it’s sent to him. Which I should but here I am still waiting.

Last weekend was full of events.

My ex in laws were in town for the weekend visiting my ex. All day Sunday my ex mother in law had been texting me about how my ex is depressed and how his now ex girlfriend is a crazy gold digger. Blah blah blah.

An old roommate came through town. Hadn’t talked to him in awhile. He’s very worried about the whole situation. Since I was working the weekend I didn’t have time to see him so he dropped in on my ex. Which led to my ex texting me yesterday to tell me to ask what our old roommate had saw and how he’s sorry. The usual. He wants me back and has a plan.

Now I don’t know why but I cracked. I texted him back. I had an early day from work and said I would meet him for coffee. I really don’t know why I texted him back. Maybe it’s how my dating life is going (the guy I’d been seeing doesn’t want a relationship but still wants to see me) or maybe it’s the curiosity from everyone texting me about him all weekend.

It wasn’t a horrible time. We met at Tim Hortons and had some iced drinks since it was so hot out. He apologized and told me stories. Then he nearly broke down when I told him how much he’s hurt me. He’s finally decided that he should spend some time alone for awhile. Which is what I’d been suggesting since the beginning.

I’m still worried about how he’ll react when he gets the agreement from my lawyer and I’m still afraid of him. But it was good to talk to him.

Kind of freeing in a way

I feel like it’s been harder for me to date people because I am afraid to make a connection with guys after everything that had happened with my ex. While I’m still hoping things will work out with the first guy I was seeing I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ve started seeing another guy. He’s very sweet and seems so innocent in comparison.


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