Today has been playing on my nerves something fierce.

Work has been filled with me making phone calls trying to get payments from people but not succeeding and instead waiting for calls back.

I always feel like I’ll get in trouble for the customer not calling back but I’ve done all that I can do.

I work this weekend as well and tomorrow looks like it’ll be busy. Of course on Sunday it looks slow and that’s the day I’ll have a helper.

This weekend I’m going to a party with the guy I’ve been dating. I call him that as I don’t know if we’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend or not. I know he’s deleted his plenty of fish account and that Ive deleted mine. I also know that I really like him and that he likes me.

I haven’t really seen him since the whole drama with my ex. He seemed understanding of it all and was genuinely concerned that my ex is harassing me. The only problem is that I only saw him for the 15 min drive it took to drive me home from work. I was shipped to a different location and was stranded without a ride.

I feel like I made him go out of his way to pick me up but he seemed ok with it. He even said that he didn’t mind picking me up because that way he got to see me.

On the drive he was asking me about my ex a bit. I wasn’t sure what to say so it made me a bit flustered. I hope he doesn’t think I’m hiding something from him.

I see him tonight so there’s only one way to find out.


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