My ex showed up at my work yesterday. Unannounced of course which I guess is kind of his thing.

I asked him what he was doing here and he replies I guess you haven’t read your email yet. Meaning he assumed that I read the email from his ex girlfriend and see that he wants me back and just go running to him.

He’s hurt me so much. Why can’t he just leave me alone? This is what he wanted after all.

I told him that it’s too late. Of course he gives the puppy dog eyes. He says he thinks we’ll be back together in a year and be stronger than ever.

I hope I’m never that weak that I would go back to someone that treats me so poorly.

Yes he knows he’s made mistakes and it’s great that he knows that but he can’t expect me to just drop everything and go back to him.

I told him about the guy that I’m seeing. Mostly to make him leave me alone.

Didn’t stop him from sending me dirty texts after the meeting though.

Now I’m in the process of telling the guy I’m dating about my ex’s visit and I’m so scared that it’ll ruin everything. I’ve only been seeing this guy for about a month and I really like him.

I want to be honest with him. I sure hope he understands.


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