My ex started texting me again yesterday. First message asking if I still hate him and then one telling me that his girlfriend sent me an email. Or ex girlfriend I guess.

What I am getting from these messages is that he wants me back and seems to using his ex as some kind of wingman.

Does he really think I would just go running back to him after everything that he’s done? I have given him multiple chances. Each time he would break my heart in an even greater way than the last.

I haven’t even answered any of his messages since the last time I saw him. When he randomly showed up at my place and threw my stuff out of his truck before taking off.

He scared me so much that night.

I think he needs some kind of help. His actions from the beginning have almost seemed bipolar and really not like him.

Every time my phone goes off I fear that it’s him. When he texts or calls I become afraid thinking that he’s on his way to my apartment.

The past couple of nights I fled from my apartment after receiving those messages. I had no where to go but anywhere seemed safer.


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