It seems that my ex and his girl friend can’t go a week without contacting me.

Last I heard from my ex was on Canada Day when he was sending me messages about how him and his girl friend broke up and how I was right about everything. Basically he wants my help in make sure she never comes back.

Of course I ignored those messages. I don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore. They’ve both burned me way too many times.

Last night I got an email from his girlfriend. Basically saying she is sorry for everything that she’s done to me. She realizes that most of what he told her about me was a lie and she feels badly for everything. Also that my ex wants to get back together with me and he regrets leaving.

I would have jumped at a chance to to back together with him before but not now. He’s hurt me way too much. His personality is almost bipolar now and I am sick of being scared of him.

Of course all of these messages that I’ve been getting from the. Is really playing with my anxieties. I feel like I’m about to jump out of my skin.

This morning I took a long walk at the boardwalk just to clear my head.


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