For some reason my ex seems to be dramatic on holidays.

On Canada Day he called me. I wasn’t near my phone so I didn’t answer but he had left a brief voicemail saying I was right and he wouldn’t have answered the phone if he were me either.

I think he meant I was right about his gf being psycho and blaming me for them breaking up all of the time when I’m not even in the picture anymore. The reason I think this is they have broken up again. Naturally.

I ignore delete the voicemail and don’t even bother calling back. I want to stay out of it.

Later in the day he sends me a Facebook message saying to accept his friend request and post something on his wall so she thinks that we still talk. She won’t leave his house and he’s trying to get her mad enough to leave.


Message ignored.

I should block him but I just can’t bring myself to.

I hate myself for it.

I’m seeing a new guy now. Someone that is really sweet and actually good for me. Drama free.

I spent the long weekend with him and his friends camping. I like him a lot but after my ex turning psychotic I am so scared that something like that could happen again.


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