After all of the drama that happened with my ex on Monday I figured it was better if I cut communication with his family. I don’t talk to many of them and never about him but it seems this will be for the best.

I texted my ex sis in law this morning to tell her I thought it was next if we don’t talk for awhile so she doesn’t get caught in the middle. My ex sis in law that was my maid of honour. One of my closest friends. My go to for everything.

She replied that’s ok I understand 🙂

It was just like her to use emojis. It almost made me cry. I’m going to miss her so much.

I’m glad she understands though. The last thing I wanted was a big argument. I especially didn’t want to say what prompted me to stop talking to her. I don’t want her to hate her brother because he’s going through a rough time. Family should always come first and I guess I’m not family anymore.


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