He’s been MIA since our almost perfect day together.

It seems like they’re back together again. He sent me a Facebook friends request a little awhile ago and I noticed on his profile that she’s been posting things since Sunday. Which would have been right after he left here he went there.

It’s funny cuz he’d say things like she hates him and never wants to see him again or I’m the last person he’s slept with without me really prompting him to say anything.

When I looked further back on his Facebook profile it appears they break up and get back together basically around all of the times he sees me.

I know he doesn’t tell her that he sees me so now I’m wondering if I should tell her that he’s playing her like that. I want to stay out of it but it’s cruel to have her think one thing when he’s doing something else.

Last I spoke to him he said they’ve been broken up for a couple of months so it appears he’s trying to play me too.

I want to ask him but I’m not sure how I should.

It’s hard to believe this man that I’ve loved and trusted for 10 years could be so cruel.


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