Father’s Day Drama

For some reason everyone started texting me on Father’s Day.

My ex calls and says he’s almost at my place with the rest of my stuff.

My ex sis in law decides she doesn’t care what he bro thinks and wants to be my friend no matter what.

My ex mom in law ranting about how I’m ex sis in laws best friend and I should talk to her.


Thank goodness my dad lives far away because once I said I was at my dads for Father’s Day he agreed not to come with my stuff.

But the thing is he said he’d bring it to me the next day. Still don’t have my stuff. Still haven’t heard from him.

It’s mostly my electronics that he still has and I do know that they were using them and that’s why I don’t have them. My mattress too. Why bring the bed frame but not the mattress? I was gonna get a new one anyway but still.


Saying Goodbye Is The Hardest Part

After all of the drama that happened with my ex on Monday I figured it was better if I cut communication with his family. I don’t talk to many of them and never about him but it seems this will be for the best.

I texted my ex sis in law this morning to tell her I thought it was next if we don’t talk for awhile so she doesn’t get caught in the middle. My ex sis in law that was my maid of honour. One of my closest friends. My go to for everything.

She replied that’s ok I understand ­čÖé

It was just like her to use emojis. It almost made me cry. I’m going to miss her so much.

I’m glad she understands though. The last thing I wanted was a big argument. I especially didn’t want to say what prompted me to stop talking to her. I don’t want her to hate her brother because he’s going through a rough time. Family should always come first and I guess I’m not family anymore.

Worst Date Ever

I think I’m the worst date ever.

Now don’t get me wrong the actual date was fantastic and I’m pretty sure we both had a good time up until one certain point.

Let’s take a walk through the date.

We go out for a drink and to shoot some pool. I’m not the greatest at pool but it’s fun and he teaches me a little. We decide to go back to my place to watch a movie.

As I get in the front door my cell is ringing and I’m getting a text. It’s my ex. He’s at the freight door of my building with all of my stuff and wants to unload it right now. If I don’t come down he’ll just leave it all there outside.

This was unplanned. He hadn’t said he was coming. He didn’t know if I’d even be there. I. Guessing if I wasn’t he would have just left it all there.

I apologize to my date and then go down to meet him. I explain that it’s not a good time and that nothing was planned. He doesn’t care. He’s gonna leave it all there anyway.

He goes on to say I something along the lines of how dare I say what I did to his family. Now this throws me completely off because I haven’t talked to his family in about a month. Aside from his one sister about a movie and the other about her baby and upcoming wedding. I mention this and he outright calls me a liar.

Clearly I couldn’t stop him so I help him with my things. I notice him bring a vacuum that we agreed he could keep as he has carpet but my place does not. I mention that it’s his and he shot puts it across the lawn and says whatever I don’t want he’s leaving right there and I can do what I want with. I also notice a box with stuff that isn’t mine in it. I assume his girlfriends from one of the multiple times they broke up and he’s packed up their things. I try to notify him of this as well and he freaks and just starts leaving things on the ground saying I can do it all and throw out what I don’t want.

He leaves and then at this point my date starts helping me as its lightly raining and my stuff is all over the place.

He says he understands and that I couldn’t help the situation but I feel like that’s the end of him. Why stay when my psycho ex just shows up unannounced whenever.

The annoying part is I don’t even know what he was talking about. I haven’t said anything to his family about him in ages. I barely even talk to them. Yet whatever it was that was said was bad enough for him to freak out like that.

A New Day

I’ve decided to move on. He keeps dragging me into his craziness and I really don’t want to be apart of it. It’d be great if we could be friends some day but right now it doesn’t seem like it.

In honour of moving on I reactivated my plenty of fish account. I even went on a spur of the moment date.

One of the guys I was chatting with asked what I was up to. I mentioned wanting to see Alice Through the Looking Glass and he offered to go with me. I do not mind seeing movies alone but it’s definitely more enjoyable with someone.

I had a great time. He’s a sweet guy. Totally charming and funny. Definitely my type of guy.

Since during a movie you can’t talk much we are also going out somewhere tonight.

I’m super excited and nervous at the same time.

His ex had cheated on him too so he gets what I’m going through. I feel awful that he had to go through it too but it’s bonded us in a way.

It Starts Again

Interesting turn of events. After him staying here to make sure she gets the message about them breaking up he believes one of her scam texts (she sent many) and goes to see her. I’m guessing they’d been arguing all day. We had plans tonight but he didn’t show or answer any messages. He just texted me now saying he thinks they fight because he talks to me so now he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

I’m certain that I’m not the cause of their fighting as we went months without talking at all and I know they fought and broke up several times during that time.

It’s too bad that he can’t figure things out on his own. He keeps letting her manipulate him.

I honestly think it’d do him some good to stay away from both of us and think about himself. He has depression and all of this sure isn’t helping.

New Territory

I called him last night. I decided I wanted to get to the bottom of everything and that was the fastest way.

He told me I was right that they’d get back together but he was really only there because he likes her kids and was hoping to make it work with her. Last about a day before he realized he can’t stand her.

Naturally they got in a huge fight and he waited until the kids were asleep and just left. He asked me if he could stay with me otherwise he’d stay at a hotel. I know he’s broke at the moment so I said he could come over.

He then told me this long story about how she always snaps at him and doesn’t listen and tries to turn everything into a fight.

He thinks leaving for a few days will make her realize that it’s done for good. I have a feeling it won’t. After all at the moment she has his house and his car. She’ll use it and the kids to get him back just like she always does.

I gave him some advice on what to do. I don’t know if he’ll take it. I hope so.

We actually had a really nice night.

The invite to his brother’s wedding still ┬ástands so I think I’m going to go. Not sure what his family will say about us coming together. I want him to make sure it’s ok with his brother first.

He said last night something to the effect of he could see us getting back together. I could too but I know it’ll be hard. He burned a lot of his bridges with our friends and family. I know my dad would never forgive him. He holds grudges. Plus he already calls me stupid whenever I defend anything he does.

It All Comes Crashing Down

He’s been MIA since our almost perfect day together.

It seems like they’re back together again. He sent me a Facebook friends request a little awhile ago and I noticed on his profile that she’s been posting things since Sunday. Which would have been right after he left here he went there.

It’s funny cuz he’d say things like she hates him and never wants to see him again or I’m the last person he’s slept with without me really prompting him to say anything.

When I looked further back on his Facebook profile it appears they break up and get back together basically around all of the times he sees me.

I know he doesn’t tell her that he sees me so now I’m wondering if I should tell her that he’s playing her like that. I want to stay out of it but it’s cruel to have her think one thing when he’s doing something else.

Last I spoke to him he said they’ve been broken up for a couple of months so it appears he’s trying to play me too.

I want to ask him but I’m not sure how I should.

It’s hard to believe this man that I’ve loved and trusted for 10 years could be so cruel.