Tomorrow I will be moving into my apartment after work. I’m so anxious. I don’t think I’ve ever really lived alone. I grew up with my family. My first year of college I was in residence. Every year after that was with him.

I’m excited to have my own space but nervous. I’m anti social by nature and living alone may not be good for me. I’d want to ask my cousin to live with me but I’m not sure how. I’m not even sure if she knows I’m seperated.

I’ll be happy to have some of my own space but unfortunately I still won’t have my stuff. There’s been heavy rains lately so his driveway is mud. I don’t want to get stuck in the driveway there again. Last time was bad enough.

Thank goodness for my family being there for me. My dad went to my brothers to get some things for me to use in the mean time. My grandmother had moved into a home recently so my brother was storing some of her old stuff in his garage. I’ve got dishes, pots, pans, a small table, a tv, utensils and an air mattress.

Everything seems so final once I move into my own place. I’ll really be on my own and without him. I spent the last couple of days removing my self from his policies such as insurance and phone plan.

The phone plan was the worst. It was technically in his name because his union at work had a deal. So I cancelled the plan and switched providers but since I was through bell they locked the phone. I went to the bell store to have it unlocked and was told they can’t do it but let me use their phone to call customer service. I was transferred repeatedly and told I can’t unlock it without his permission. I’d have to talk to him and call back.

Callback on what? My phone is locked. Also I try not to speak to him as I don’t like being harassed or threatened. Not that they care. It’s his phone after all. They even told me that I’d have to pay $75 to unlock it and a $150 deactivation fee. I understand the unlocking fee but the deactivation fee makes no sense. I was pay as you go and they owe me $10 according to my account.

In the end I unlocked it using an online company. Took 1 hour and $20.

I missed a lot of calls that I’ll never know of but received all of my texts and voicemails so id hope a message was left if it was important.

Packing now. Radio on. Wine poured.

Maybe once I get my cat back from my friend I will feel less alone. I’ll have to wait a week at the most. I miss my kitty.


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